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Taking It As It Comes

April 15th, 2012

Taking things as they come has become a philosophy of mine which I believe has served me well. Biblically I think I am in the right place. Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow, to seek the Kingdom of God, and “all these things,” would be added “unto us.” Jesus also told us to forgive, to release, to give of ourselves, to not harbor a grudge or vengeance, to turn the other cheek, to love God and love with a preference toward the other person – “more than ourselves.” We are to give in order to get, and to not think more highly of ourselves “than we ought to.” This all takes some work on our part. As I have preached and mentioned numerous times, we all have to live as Christians with our old nature, and sometimes it just keeps getting in the way. To complicate things, we are to be “in the world, but not of the world.” Wow, that really complicates things, a lot. We have to work right next to that obnoxious “you know what” every day, and that old so and so is a busy-body, nosey, a tattler, bossy, puts their unwanted “two-cents” in about everything, is a nail-biter, (and you know what they say about those nail-biters), has an answer for everything, isn’t at all loyal, doesn’t really ever work as hard as you do, and just basically makes life miserable on a daily basis. How come, Lord? How come I have to put up with this, plus my aunt Weezie who drives me nuts with her blab, blab, blab? And the rest of the “stuff” I have to do, and people I have to put up with . . .

“yes, a, Lord? Okay, yes, a, that’s my mission? Ah, sure. I just need a little more faith, that’s all, yeah, I mean, yes, okay! Can I handle all this now with Your help, a, yes. Yes, I’m listening Lord . . . “just take it as it comes. . . .”

- a note from Pastor Don

Take the Day!

March 24th, 2012

Go ahead, take a day off!   Take a day and just don’t watch the news, or read a paper, view a text or an email, just “zone out;” just one day.  Turn off the cell phone, take a walk, read a book, sit and just enjoy the sound of nature somewhere.  If you can make it all the way through the day – you will find that your day was less stressful.

We live in this communications age, and we are more and more bombarded constantly with so much of everything.  Lots of what we really could do without, but literally, “everything!”  Everyday we hear about world events, war stories, politics, goverment issues, human interests, accidents, crimes, entertainment, sports, and so on; it can be overwhelming.  And too be honest, the future can at times seem pretty grim, especially looking through the lens of the world’s media.  In fact, it can be even frightening. You can’t hardly separate yourself from it anywhere, even my Amish friends have cell phones, and some computers.  Where do you go?

If you’re like me, needing a day free of all of that “stuff,” but can’t quite squeeze it in, what do you do?  Here’s a suggestion:  spend at least some time every day, in prayer and reading some Scripture to steady yourself against the constant onslaught of the distracting things that compete for our attention and time. Figure out how you can, in your day, find some time, some where, where you can just get alone with God.  Works for me.

We and the Lord, against all of that stuff going on out there.  Simple, we can and will, with His help, do it – and we win!  Have a great day with the Lord in your life!

-Pastor Don

mcb's daily post

Our "Heart's Oasis" in a barren land!